IIM questions, Submitted by Dinesh Poojary
Question and the Answer given by Candidates oh sorry
they are IAS Officers now.

Q.How can you drop a raw egg onto a concrete floor
without cracking it? ...
Am I your dad`s servant, Submitted by rohit
In a ship the Generals of three nations were traveling with their soldiers. They started the topic that whose soldier had more of guts.

The American general called for one of his men and told him to jump down the ship and take a round swimming around the moving ship. The...
RAJNIKANT in IPL, Submitted by PravinR
1ball, 23runs needed to win.
Bowler bowls,
Rajni hits. ...
KISSING, Submitted by HARSH
A professor was warning his students against the hazards of kissing. "You should know when a boy kisses a girl transfers 40,000 germs from his mouth to that of his girl friend. What can you do about that?"
Pat came the reply from a girl, "You should give him back all...
.... a brand new love story, Submitted by Gurpreet
George W Bush..
Condeliza Rice..
Tony Blair..
Pamela Anderson.. ...
The Bihari and the Cigarette, Submitted by Kulvir
A Bihari went to a cigarette shop and asked for one Wills: “Bhai ek Will dena.” So the guy selling the cigarettes told him that there is no brand by the name of Will, it is Wills.

But the Bihari insisted and said I want one Will, so the person told...
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