New Year - Employee Rules and Regulations, Submitted by Sachin
New Year - Employee Rules and Regulations

*Dress Code*

It is advised that you come to work dressed according to your salary. ...
Sardarji, Submitted by rishab
Aaj ki tazza khabar: sardar ne apni sagai tod de kyunki ladki kunwari thi

Sardar bola jo aaj tak kisi ki nai hui woh meri kya hogi

Film Ramayana, Submitted by AKANSHA..
One bollywood film producer was making a film on the Ramayana.

During one particular shoot of the famous lanka-dahan scene, the car of the film producer appeared by mistake on the screen and the shot went unnoticed.

On the third day after the release of the film, the producer received a letter...
Wife is Life, Submitted by Divya Teja
To remember wife's birthday forever, once forget it....
Lalu and PA, Submitted by Alok Raman
Laloo to his P.A: Itne khiladi kyun football ko laat maar rahe hai?

P.A: Goal kar ne ke liye

Laloo: Susra, ball to pahle se hi gol hai aur kitna gol karenge! ...
Doctor's promise, Submitted by Alok Raman
Patient: Doctor, are you sure I'm suffering from pneumonia? I've heard once about a doctor treating someone with pneumonia and finally he died of typhus.

Doctor: Don't worry, it won't happen to you. If I treat someone with pneumonia he will die of pneumonia only.
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