PHD, Submitted by AKANSHA..
Interviewer: What is your qualification?

Madhu:PHD sir.

Interviewer: what do you mean by PHD? ...
SMS ko do baar, Submitted by Dinesh Poojary
Banta : Oye to har SMS ko do baar kyon bhej raha hai ?

Santa : Kyunki tujhe agar ek forward karna ho to dusra tere paas rahe
Film Ramayana, Submitted by AKANSHA..
One bollywood film producer was making a film on the Ramayana.

During one particular shoot of the famous lanka-dahan scene, the car of the film producer appeared by mistake on the screen and the shot went unnoticed.

On the third day after the release of the film, the producer received a letter...
Going through dense jungle to watch Las Vegas online, Submitted by DrAaronWalter
Wirth just this small bit of effort you wan watch Las Vegas without any hassles whatsoever.
The benefits that subscribers gain are DVD quality episode videos, complementing of downloading and buffering processes with high speed data transfer, compete PC safety against web threats and much more.
Apart from episode online viewing and...
Driving car with closed eyes, Submitted by Suresh Gupta
A minister while going to Parliament asked his driver, Can you drive the car with your eyes closed?

Driver replied in the negative.

Minister taunted the driver, You cant even drive the car with eyes closed, and we are driving the entire country with closed eyes. ...
James Bond vs. Hyderabad guy, Submitted by Sudipta Sengupta
James Bond Style : The character James Bond has a peculiar style of introducing himself by calling first Bond, then followed by great smile & finally James Bond.

His style is absolutely killing but he doesn't know the consequences when he meets our great south indian guy.

When Bond meets...
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