Resume of Bhai, Submitted by Sachin
Bhai Ka Resume (not mine)

Name:Pakya Bhai Supariwala ...
Capsule, Submitted by Alok Raman
Why did Sardar cut the sides of the capsule before taking it?
Guess what...
To avoid side effects!!!
Filmy Story, Submitted by Sachin
A Filmy love story :-

Hero loves heroine..... ......

but Heroine loves Villain..... ...... ...
Football Team, Submitted by Sudipta Sengupta
After a few months of marriage Aparna's husband reported her Missing. Police found her, but she refused to come back.
"We met while playing mixed doubles tennis," she said.
"When we married we planned to have 2 boys and 2 girls, to form our own mixed doubles. Now my husband is...
Who says India is not progressing?
It is making strides in every craft
In agriculture, in industry, in science and technology
Above all, in corruption and in graft.
There are scams after scams now ...
boomerang, Submitted by Koustubh Avachat
What Do You Call A Boomerang That Doesn't Come Back?

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