Car damage, Submitted by AKANSHA..
How did you smash up your car so badly?

"I hit a pedestrian"

"That wrecked your car like that?" ...
chess, Submitted by Kulvir
Two Sardar were playing chess..ha ha:-)...
Filmi Scene, Submitted by Vikas Saraogi
Film Director to Actor: Tum ko 100 feet ki height se swimming pool me jump lagana hai.

Actor: Par mere ko tairna nahi aata, mein doob jaunga.

Film Director: Don't worry, pool me paani nahi hai....
test, Submitted by kkonline
ok kkonline...
Election Rhymes, Submitted by Pritikanta Panda
Twinkle twinkle party ticket,
I am pilot you are rocket.
Like a diamond on the tray
For you only I have to pay.
______________________________________ ...
Dandruff Free, Submitted by manoharlal
A man go 2 a shop 2 buy a shampoo. He read the word on the bottle "buy this get dandruff free".

He asked the shop keeper 2 give him free dandruff...
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