Convention, Submitted by Mitesh Asher
At a convention of oilmen, the speaker from Texas called the neighboring state of Oklahoma an “Outlying province of Texas.”

The next speaker, an Oklahoman, started off his talk with, “First of all, there ain't any state that can out-lie Texas.”
Humor....Sardarji...., Submitted by Dinesh Poojary
Then there were two sardars, Zail singh & Jarnail singh.
Both of them bought a horse each.

"How will we know which
is your & which is mine?" asked Zail. ...
If Karan Johar made Taare Zameen Par..., Submitted by Sudipta Sengupta
Obvious starcast:
Shah Rukh Khan as the arts teacher (duh duh duh!!).
Aryan Khan as the dyslexic child (even if he could not act for nuts).
Rani Mukerjee as the kid’s mom (assuming Kajol is unavailable).
Abhishek Bachchanas the kid’s dad. ...
Sound Advice, Submitted by Jolly Uncle
Always listen to your wife.

She gives Sound Advice : 99% Sound and 1% Advice....
ORDERING DINNER, Submitted by Siddhant Sagar
Bill and Hillary are at a restaurant. The waiter tells them tonight's special is chicken almandine and fresh fish.
"The chicken sounds good, I'll have that," Hillary says.
The waiter nods: "And the vegetable?" he asks.
"Oh, he'll have the fish," Hillary replies...
Ten million bucks question, Submitted by Alok Raman
A Mafia Godfather finds out that his book-keeper has duped him for ten million bucks.

This book-keeper is deaf and it was considered an occupational benefit why he got the job in the first place, since it was assumed that a deaf book-keeper would not be able to hear anything and...
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