Promosing Management, Submitted by Sachin
An Indian walks into a cafe with a shotgun in one hand pulling a male buffalo with the other and says to the waiter, "Want coffee."The waiter says, "Sure chief, coming right up." He gets the Indian a tall mug of coffee. After drinking the coffee down in one gulp,...
philosophy class, Submitted by HARSH
A college student was in a philosophy class, where there was a class discussion about whether or not God exists, The professor had the following logic:

"Has anyone in this class heard God?" Nobody spoke. "Has anyone in this class touched God?" Again, nobody spoke. "Has anyone in this class seen...
Film Ramayana, Submitted by AKANSHA..
One bollywood film producer was making a film on the Ramayana.

During one particular shoot of the famous lanka-dahan scene, the car of the film producer appeared by mistake on the screen and the shot went unnoticed.

On the third day after the release of the film, the producer received a letter...
Marriage explained..., Submitted by SM SHIVA KUMAR
Man: Is there any way for long life?
Dr: Get married.
Man: Will it help?
Dr: No, but the thought of long life will never come.
Strike Rate, Submitted by jackspar
Teacher : Osama has 5 wife and 20 children . Indian Railway minister Laloo has 1 wife and 9 children. Who is the best ?
Student : Osama's score is best and Laloo's strike rate is best.

Guess who bought Nano?, Submitted by Promit Sengupta
Nano is the growing sensation in the country.

Guess who bought 2 nanos.....The Great Khali.... He is too slow to move in a wrestling ring and thus has imported "ROLLERSKATES" from India...

Wonder how long will it last...Any bets???...
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