Riding for fun
CJ : Rahul Kumar
  Old London Castle
CJ : Rahul Kumar
  Tiger in the wild
CJ : Phil Davis
  Guns of Neemrana
CJ : Richa Jain
  Alone, I go in search of peace in the mist!!!
CJ : Shrishti Padathiyaar
  Restoring Faith
CJ : Deepak Kr. Das

Dear Citizens,
What started as a dream six months back, has metamorphosed into a reality for all to see. As I write to you through this special issue of merinews, I feel delighted and wish to express my gratitude...more

  Dipen Nandani  
  Phil Davis  

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Anirudha, 30 December 2006, commenting on SIFY pays for deficiency in service
Dayeeta Das, 18 December 2006, commenting on Orkut: The new danger
Vandana, 09 November 2006 , commenting on The Saddam trial: Liberation or judicial assassination?
Kishor Dere, 21 October 2006 , commenting on Nooyi outshines Sonia, but does she really?
Raman Kapoor , 12 October 2006, commenting on Traffic: Hell of a drive
Dil Nawaz , 08 October 2006 , commenting on Musharraf’s memoir: Blackballed
Nunes Silva 09 October 2006, commenting on Should UN be taken seriously
Manoj 17 September, 2006, commenting on What India does to its world champs
S.S.Venkataramanan,11 September 2006 commenting on India – the benevolent and munificent
Rahul 04 August 2006, commenting on Bangladesh new route of terror
Natasha 12 July 2006, commenting on Is mathematics ruining sports prospects of India?
most debated
most debated
  Most Debated : 2006  
  Mohammad Afzal Guru should be hanged  
  Wal-Mart hijacks the livelihood of small and medium retailers.  
  Saddam's trial is a mockery of justice  
  The cycle of love  
  Love is a beautiful feeling, even when it involves the fear of losing the person you love...  
  Shantanu Dutta  
  Inam Ul Rehman  
  Sudipta Sengupta  
  Vishnu Mohan  
  Vandana Chatrath Mittal  
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